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Inanc Denizli Textile

About us
As Inanc Textile, we have been operating since 1994 in the capital of Textile, Denizli, Turkey and our Branch office is in Liverpool, the UK. We are supplier of customised towels, bathrobes, sauna skirts, bedding sets, slippers, socks, blankets, pillows, and aprons. All our products are made according to customer’s requirements. We don’t Offer anything from stock or catalogue.
Our products are produced under requested European Reach standards, OEKO-TEX. We have SEDEX and BSCI audits and GOTS, OHSAS- 18001, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2009 certificates as well.
We supply our products around the world. The countries we export are United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, and Italy.

Denizli Textile and Inanc Textile
Denizli is known as the capital of textile in Turkey. The history of textile in Denizli dates back 7000 years ago. With having this experience and knowledge in the textile, Inanc Textile has been guiding valuable customers for the right choice and satisfying the customer’s demands. As Inanc Textile, we know all your needs and we can assist your any requirements.
Our Slogan is;

*Yarn Dyed Jacquard, 100% Cotton
We supply our products around the world. The countries we mostly export are Austria, Germany, USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy and so on.
Production Process
We work in a ‘’private label’’ way. First of all, we quote according to your requested specification. After that, if our offer is reasonable for you, we immediately send a free of charge sample by DHL for your quality evaluation or presentation to your customer. When the order is placed, Firstly, we prepare properly production sample and send it to you for final approval. After the production sample is approved, we start to mass production. If production sample is not approved or you want to alter anything on the sample, then we re-prepare the sample until to meet with your final approval.  Except your confirmation, we don’t start mass production. Each step of the production is chased by our own team from beginning to end. All production process is completed by Inanc Textile assurance.
Denizli Textiles and Inanc Textile products

  • Towels: Beach Towels, Bath Towels, Hand Towels, in Plain, Embroidery, Relief Weaving, Jacquard Weaving, Border Weaving, Sublimation Print on Border, Sublimation Print all over the towel, Photoprint all over the towel and Mixing Different Techniques
  • Bathrobes: Shawl Collar, Kimono, or Hooded styles and Waffle dressing gown in plain, jacquard, embroidered.
  • Baby Textiles: Bathrobes, Bibs, Poncho, Hooded towels in Plain or Embroidery or imprint
  • Slippers: in plain or embroidered
  • Bedding Sets:  Ranforce or Satin quality in Jacquard or imprint.
  • Blanket: Fleece or Wellsoft in plain or Embroidery or imprint
  • T-shirts:  in Plain, Embroidery or imprint
  • Polo Shirts: in Plain, Embroidery or imprint
  • Sweat shirts: in Plain, imprint, Embroidery with/without Zip
  • Hoodies: in Plain, imprint, Embroidery with/without Zip
  • Pyjamas: in Plain or Jacquard or imprint
  • Slippers: in Plain or Embroidery
  • Boxers: Knitted or woven in plain or imprint
  • Socks: Knitted customised logo on
  • Aprons: in imprint or Embroidery
  • Pillow: in Plain or imprint

We have been supplying made to order textiles to promotional companies, retail market, wholesalers, home and hotel markets since 1994. We don’t supply only goods. We also provide quality, fast service, short time delivery and competitive price. Our knowledge and experience always meet your demand.
If you are looking for a supplier who understands your request and answer your demands, then we are just a phone call away to you.
If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lutuf Inanc
Managing Director